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Visiting Bhutan


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Bhutan is an enchanting Buddhist kingdom situated in the Himalayas between India and China. The country was practically untouched by the outside world until very recently. Television and Internet, for example, were only permitted in 1999. Visiting Bhutan can still feel like going back in time and entering another universe. Its residents hold on proudly to their rich cultural heritage and continue to dress in traditional Gho and Kira robes as they have for centuries. Every building follows a charming old-fashioned architectural style, so walking down the streets can feel like entering a child’s fairytale book. Bhutan is a remote Eden like none other on this planet and hopefully it will retain its idyllic charm for a long time to come.


We bring alive the ancient heritage and some of the most beautiful sites as you luxuriate in the magnificence of a signature journey planned especially for you. Your interactions with the many people you will meet will be stimulating, edifying and enlightening, you will have a well-rounded and profound learning experience that you will value forever.

We can design and execute a completely personalized and memorable Bhutan experience for you based on your interests and imaginations.

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